Monday, August 07, 2006

Done for now..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work! I'm building the same one right now. A couple questions though - I notice the insides of your sliding height adjustment openings are not painted (not the fixed course adjustment holes, the sliding fine adjustment slots) - did you have to make them wider upon assembly to make the threaded inserts align with the opening? I'm finding with my conveyor opened as tight as possible (which makes it difficult to turn the paper) that I will still have to make those slots wider and use a larger washer to make room for the knobs. Did you experience this as well?

Also - does your height adjustment move smoothly or do you turn a couple turns and then it sorta "jumps"? If so, did you alleviate that at all? Curious how. Lastly, how well does it hold its height adjustment while you are sanding? Seems just tightening the knobs down would have potential to slip.


7:10 AM, January 02, 2008  

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